Camouflage through „unmasking“

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The translation of the German essay was done with the help of an internet translation machine. If there are any objective errors I would be grateful for any advice.

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Camouflage through „unmasking“

Hidden Anti-Semitism“ [1]; a late descendant of undecoded Nazi camouflage language?  Excursus on a German trauma                                                              Glóssa

Replica on: : „Criticism of Israel – Hidden Anti-Semitism? [2]                                            with music by Hubert Bergmann on piano and Gilad Atzmon on saxophone : title, „present absent“ from the album „Zone de Memoire„,  mudoks records

“In the absence of Jew-hatred, Judaism is undergoing a slow death. […] Yet in our increasingly secular and scientific age, we need to acknowledge its paradoxical power to renew and enrich Jewish life…“  Rabbi Dan Cohn-Sherbok, The paradox of Antisemitism
„And if real peace does come to Israel, the question will be asked: Can we, and how do we, survive without an external enemy?“ Avraham Burg, former head Jewish Agency, Cohen Report
„The past lives only for those who know, explore and question it. It will change depending on the time, place and meaning of the questioning.“ Golo Mann, german-swiss historian [3]

[1] hereinafter referred to as: (hA) 
[2] RBB-Kultur 21.7./4.8.2019 | Red.: A.Winter,J.Rosbach |R:P.Sonderegger
[3] suspected victim of a "secret anti-Semite" accusation

page 2

That the talk about some things cultivates them first and then makes them blossom in the backyard of nebulous sentences is something that Fama usually doesn’t tell its listeners about by means of hearsay and telling stories. The open mouths of those who marvel at the unbelievable ultimately condition the form of silence with which the narrator, who is addicted to the narrative stream, keeps himself in check. A prerequisite for a rich harvest of an absolute faith demanding narrative, which is brought in with the help of a cocktail of premise and guilt by those producers who sow the quarrel at the same time. After all, truth requires a lie, which it can then work its way through by verifying the opposite. If it were as simple as my colleague [4] Gilad Atzmon said: „An anti-Semite is someone the Jews hate.“ , [5] we could, however, save ourselves the following lines. But here we have the modulated version of a (hA). So we can argue whether the pronunciation of the word „Antisemit…“, which varies about 40 times and in different ways, in a contribution of a meager 7 DIN A4 pages represents an accumulation of journalistic flattening. Or whether this is necessary in order to manifest a targeted speculation, which in the guise of Israel criticism should appear as „disguised anti-Semitism“, in a journalistic work. Only to then hammer the construct between the ears of the still suspected hollow heads.

For – in the beginning was the Word – and it was with one God, and it was also immediately divided into another. And also so named. Secondary. The forerunner of the „disguised“. For reasons of defense against guilt and other forms of genre such as the so-called „final stroke demand“, the well-known „perpetrator-victim conversion“ or also the more solid „solid“, the „heavy“, the „latent“ (AS-Lat), the manifest (AS-Man) or the more elegant „classical anti-Semitism“. On an imaginary A-scale, by means of main component analysis and varimax rotation, instead of the unambiguously questionable, the doubly cryptic secondant of the main meme is pushed onto the battlefield of journalism as an even more dangerous actor. There, those who allegedly pay homage to him are specially treated, sorted and cold. In the milieu of the public-law fool’s house, which is cherished by spellers in the wisper corners of power, the gossip leads a ghost-decoupled existence. But if one followed the sound of a host of narrators of narratives and nonsense, one would have to believe their language compositions and muzak [6]. Otherwise, according to her mantra, the sale of indulgences should separate truth from fiction, leading to further indebtedness of the masses. That population called collection, which still tends its tired ear to craftsmen, who convert their experimental object from Chuzpe and Schmonzes into a new product of the Ver – capped. Kappl and Kippa ring the bell, but for good reason (hA), they don’t want to be named. That speaks for the Jarmulke.

„Anti-Semitism … is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world…the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity…“ [7]

[4] to music quote Bergmann/Atzmon, contrib. of RBB follows further replica
[5] G. Atzmon:"the wandering who“, A Study of Jewish Identity Politics 
[6] back ground music
[7] A. Einstein, quoted Collier's Magazine, 26.11.1938/The Cohen Rebort

page 3

So the megaphone sounds over the heads of the suspected accumulation. „People“ was changed to obsolete. Its maxim: time is money, has changed into the second half of the 20th century: Blind faith promises success; being there is everything. From then on, it alludes to the offside, which violates the rules of a finely tuned, ideologically subsidized and politically correct language that everyday life can barely cope with. Some sentences just go through with raised eyebrows. Others seem to forbid themselves. The next stage of escalation between world view and truth is handed over to the judge.

Jewish or Zionist influence is also most clearly perceptible where criticism of it, accusations of anti-Semitism by its defensive method and its escalating form of so-called Holocaust denial, is not only contemptuated as a taboo violation but also prosecuted. That influence, institutionally represented by the Central Council of Jews, in whose slipstream politicians, some NGOs, and other workers mill the aisles of the unspeakable and politically correct into the forest of opinion. Under conditions of social exclusion and economic destruction of the individual, staked out to the centimeter by the seconds of the media and opinion makers.

No criticism of other states, their institutions, machinations and power relations up to their responsibilities in historical events, is even sanctioned in a similar way and documented with such campaigns, as is the case in the environment of Zionism, Judaism, Israel and its historiography based on real mythical artistry [8]. Whether or not their object of critique is well-foundedly proven in each case. This is a singular process in Western democracies. In the meantime, however, those who do not follow the hysteria about climate change that has been boiled down in journalism are already being harshly attacked by the mass media, and in the sense of a „pointless resistance“ [9] are being put on the defensive and finally forced into abandonment with „pointless denial“. An almost military approach by psychological warfare.

Brainwashing and decoupling of perception for the „creation of a new human being“ who loses his power of reflection, as an individual without will or orientation secretly gives up his freedom of self-determination imperceptibly and voluntarily. Aryans and Muscular Jews [10] were yesterday. This species may still believe in common and medially finely controlled and monitored guidelines. Doubt is already the first step offside. The unity man as the last result of the – freedom, equality, brotherliness – whining mob. He has become the influencer of himself, fed by the media programs of daily business and the well-formed stories of his origins. One can calmly assume a certain stringency in long processes of social re-education as a whole.

So it is not surprising that people who criticize the Israeli or American Zionist power elite and their politics are occupied by those with the fighting concept of the anti-Semite. Often accompanied by guilt-seeking Germans who pray a kind of collective hereditary guilt to themselves as their basic identity. That „the Jews“ should be to blame for everything is copied from the simple mouth of the people. According to a currently orchestrated mania: Man is to blame for climate change, the Culpa is now being reversed, away from „the Jews“ to „man himself“. Therefore also all gentiles?!?

[8] s.a. Shlomo Sand’s Forschungen hierzu, Die Erfindung des jüdischen Volkes , Die Erfindung des Landes Israel
[9] Quelle: SPIEGEL online
[10] The Birth of the Muscle Jew (german)

page 4

Enough of the opera spook, which management in advance whispered the sequence of performance to henchmen of systems. Depending on global weather conditions.

If the abstract power of the anti-Semite hunter trying on the demo stage would allow it, he could dare to try to put himself in the position of some maltreated people. Maybe what he was observing then dawned on him. Instead he behaves as an agent of the word police who plays around some statements in the sense of a physical extermination and sounds „a global day of action for the annihilation of Israel“ into the ether. Practically, he sees the entire globe depicted in the interior of his Sunlit Definition. From the left to the right edges of the primeval ocean, to „far into the middle of society“, his holistic view of the world swings in a sea of enmity, on the waves of which he now experiences his identitary kick. It seems that „the wandering who“ has left the country to make sure of its omnipresent threat in the humid element.

The oarsmen in the lower deck of harsh criticism follow his inner rhythm which he whips himself into the medial upper deck. This corresponds entirely to the subordinated and even „disguised“ staging that we will become acquainted with in the further course of this essay as an exposition of certain premises. Especially when these formulations come from opponents of the small state in the Middle East, they can be used in the sense of a threat of physical extermination.

After all, quite others have already shouted „annihilation“. For the addressees of this threat, however, this possibly leads to the firing of a pre-traumatic stress syndrome. To assure oneself of an agenda that should contribute to solidarity with Jewish Zionist interests. If there is any definition of anti-Semitism at all, „an openly anti-Semitic event“ is certainly not this demo. It acts against a policy and its supporters that for decades has harassed hundreds of thousands of people in the West Bank and Gaza, imprisoning, expel children, robbing their land and killing thousands of them. The demonstrators and their supporters deserve the aversion of the demonstrators, possibly to the point of hatred, which would, however, be quite understandable.

Since, however, the RBB’s programme returns a kind of later uncle of Nazi camouflage language that has not yet been deciphered as „disguised anti-Semitism“ (VA), it is close to investigating the veiled ancestors once again. Because the „disguise“, according to wiktionary: disguise, mask, camouflage, hidden under a cloak…, seems to be a seamlessly continued myth of obscuration. Today he is taken out of the sinking again in order to raise him into the consciousness of the Israel critics, where in all variations he begins the care of his breeding task. A long-term narcotic which, beyond the verifiability of its composition declared as obvious, causes an all the more sleepy consciousness twilight in the consumer. With the pronunciation of certain words the sedation threshold is usually initiated in order to be able to carry out the preparation on a dead organ of history afterwards in all peace and quiet. The curtain moves aside. The opera as OP at the reality of the open secret, is prepared. Let us see what happens there.

page 5

list of topics

The creation story, a blamation

The fool: „In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word.“ [11] „And so on the seventh day God completed his works which he made, and on the seventh day rested from all his works which he made. [12]

It sounds from the RBB off…:

Zampano: „Once Natural Is Due To The Holocaust…“ [13]

german version, for artistic reasons:

Zampano: Also Einmal Ist Natürlich Aufgrund Des Holocaust…..“ [13]

                     1        2          3   4              5               6      7

swings with the masked:       A E I N A D H

The crowd freezes…

The exhalation of the seventh word of the RBB demiurge is the introit of darkness, fear and emptiness. The apparent resting point and conclusion of the act of creation is Alpha and Omega, subliminal human rejection in the following Tower of Babbel. The Scottish Gaelic saying AEINADH, which means „classification“ and results from the initial letters of the seven words (in german), is to be interpreted henceforth as a „systematic approach„.

Whether biblical chance or not is left to the interpretation of kosher certified augurs. In the sounds of the spheres of the RBB, in any case, the seventh day of the creation of the world has coagulated into that word which, like a fanfare, is supposed to smash into a hitherto unknown „new testament of the abysmal“. Therefore, the task of this signal is to examine its acoustic quality, the night tones of oral tradition and the mnémē téchnē, the art of remembering. It may even be necessary to decipher a „systematic procedure“ which can lead to the investigation of further interpretation.

Quoted from Norman Finkelstein’s work „The Holocaust Industry“ it says: „Holocaust consciousness“ is „an official, propagandistic indoctrination, an assembly line production of slogans and a false view of the world whose true goal is not at all an understanding of the past, but a manipulation of the present“.[14]

That seventh word seems to erode the contract of work commissioned by installers of a modulated Sabbath as He – creation process of the new world – order. When there was still fog over the waters, we were announced by Tele-Vision that television feature film from 1979 (a.D.), which as a medium as well as the story narrated therein is actually fiction. The previous divine act was then thrown into this, in favour of a new Sabbath of history, which was darkened and increasingly shaded the atmosphere. The word was now enriched in the world with a „C“ in the American spelling and not with a Greek „K“.

[11] Johannes 1:1, fourth book of new testament
[12] 1. Mose 2:2, first book jewish Tanach
[13] first set of RBB contribution after ATMO introduction 
[14] Boas Evron qouted in: „Die Holocaustindustrie“ v. Norman Finkelstein / aus: Cultur of Critik, Kevin Macdonald

page 6

Its origin was a novel with the same name by Gerald Green (Heyne-Verlag, Munich, 1987, ISBN 3-453-01185-6). If you click in Wikipedia (as of 09.10.2019) on the Green’s page the name of the novel (under „Einzelnachweise“, video from 24.10.2019) you will be redirected to the page which should describe it in reality.

Became a novel, became fiction the foil for historiography in the present?!?

– „Holocaust,” which ran on NBC-TV for nine-and-a-half hours on four nights last April, was the creation of scriptwriter Gerald Green, producers Robert (“Buzz”) Berger and Herbert Brodkin, and director Marvin Chomsky.“ – ..[…] Such a drama must be more than compelling, more than moving, more than involving. It must be truthful. And in this film, the truth is obscured and distorted.“ […] „And indeed, look what happens to them in the film: the masses die “quietly (unauffällig) [sic] […] A source close to the production told me that the first script had no “good goyim” … […] „Television is a powerful medium and a very risky one as well. It provides the opportunity to convey messages to millions and millions of people —to raise consciousness and deepen awareness [sic]“ [15]

s.a. Hollywood and the Holocaust/“Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust

– The day the series began was called „Holocaust Sunday„; various activities were scheduled in cities across the country; the National Conference of Christians and Jews distributed yellow stars to be worn on that day. Learning aids for Jewish children represented the Holocaust as a result of Christian anti-Semitism. The material distributed to Jewish children also condemned Jews who did not have a strong Jewish identity. This massive advertising was successful in many of its goals. These included the introduction of Holocaust education programs in many states and communities, the beginning of the process that led to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, and a sharp increase in support for Israel. [16]

The wind in which this is carved blows it into each ear, from where the same is blowing and which march direction the listener should take from now on in the relative, real historiography. Legitimized by the rule of law and escorted by questionable escort services, the wanderers must from then on simply believe what they just saw flickering on the screens as a feature film. Otherwise they will be dug up in the social desert of the unspeakable. The knowledge of the fiction of the film does not protect us from the assumption that reality is not fiction. It seems that one should believe the fiction of the film as reality. However, the fiction of the film is the conscious turning away from reality, the unreal transforms as a form of the fiction of a truth.

This seventh word is the opening signal for the great opera of the guilt complex, in the arena of which there are actually also blessed exhibits working on the aesthetics of the incomprehensible. For as idée fixe, as a „executive“ motiv and proverbial fixed idea, the original Greek word, which means an archaic ritual cult, haunts the audio ether from now on and is constantly being interpreted by the few remaining analysts of reason called as: „How great is „great““. [17] .

[15] aus: |TV’s “Holocaust”
[16] Cultur of Critik, Kevin Macdonald p. 55
[17] P. Sloterdijk in another context

page 7

But the priests of the modern age punish the questioners with ignorance and finally imprisonment. This is similar to an ancient mode, which in later times was refined with the techniques of inquisition, until it was dressed as a legally established process, in which modern times resumed its undercover existence. In order not to allow this to get out of hand, the disguised is now being reintroduced. Too much obvious would ruin the mood and the „keeping in check“ could turn into a „matt“. Because hidden, since not recognized in the stream of anonymity, is in principle everyone. And therefore potentially dangerous, for whoever and whatever. So if the person in disguise is everyone’s neighbor and I am it myself, the work of the judicial institutes is done by the automatic wear and tear of the permanent suspicion, quickly over the hunter’s fence. Both candidates of the hidden show themselves to each other. A bull’s eye. At least that’s the hope of the social cyberneticists and their declination from freedom of opinion. Including the exclusive claim to separate some test subjects from the abysmal on the grounds of a special counter-draft (of the Federal Republic of Germany).

The spying of a totalitarian system for a „good cause“ for society as a whole was proclaimed in 2015 with the call of the then Minister of the Interior, de Maiziere:

„Every father, every mother, every neighbour, every work colleague or player in the football club must not close their eyes to possible radicalisations. Nobody should be ashamed when he points out suspicious changes of people. It is not a betrayal of one’s own son, one’s own daughter, one’s own family, one’s own colleague, not a betrayal of one’s classmate, but an expression of concern and a sign of love and community, if one ensures that such [sic!!] radicalization processes are broken off“ [18]

Pandora’s Cambodian box is open. Everything that seems to have changed somehow or from the ground up is now subject to a general suspicion with a request to report to the moral „Killing Fields“. Perhaps that’s why today the abstract is trying to fight climate change in order to lead people further and further away from their actual history, their existential interest and natural curiosity. So let us return to this and the now hidden in it!

Variation 1: Allegro Furioso Apocalypto

The RBB radio report reminds me of that „camouflage language,“ or as the historian Prof. Dr. Frey explains in his foreword to the „Location and Commandant’s Office Orders of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp“ [19]: „…the self-imposed rules of the SS camouflage…“ He probably deduces these as follows: Something that cannot be found in these documents and statements of the accused, but must have taken place, can only be subject to a secret language. That process of systematic „disguising“, which is neither comprehensively documented nor legally established scientifically, by means of which the adept critical of Israel is now held in suspicion of acting out his alleged hatred of Jews. This transforms the otherwise brittle accusation practice into a crime thriller with the hope of increased ratings. Sloppy hat stories have always been a method of attempting to raise a slackened creative level.

[18] Quelle: Reuters
[19] Darstellungen und Quellen zur Geschichte von Auschwitz: Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz 1940-1945“, hrsg. im Auftr. des Instituts für Zeitgeschichte von Norbert Frei / ISBN: 3-598-24030-9 / K.G. Saur München 2000

page 8

The previous attempt to uncover secret speakers leaves much to be desired. Already Carlo Mattogno [20] exposed the method of the „Cloak Syndrome“ as a hopeless undertaking of that historiography which uses the fine poison of the nebulous as an argument to teleport the unexplained from the realm of the inexplicable into the factual fact of a reality of numbers.

However, it should be known in the scientific world that Carlo Mattogno published his writings and books long before the year 2000, the year in which Prof. Frei published his Commandant’s Office Orders, Writings and Books [21], in which he questions the current version of the Holocaust as a forgery. New German; relativized or denied.

Why Mattogno, who already unmasked the claim of the existence of a camouflage language in 1991 *, was cited by Prof. Frei as the source of his research remains as incomprehensible as his (Frei’s) unverified thesis of a „self-imposed rule of camouflage of the SS“. Here a quotation from Carlo Mattogno from 1991, that revisionist and as Holocaust denier titled human being, whom Prof. Frei states on page vii / note 57 in his introduction with: „…cf. recently, Mattogno, Zentralbauleitung...“:

* Quote Mattogno: „The Nuremberg Inquisitors created the absurd method of interpretation that makes it possible to interpret something into any document that is not there. The starting point of this method of interpretation is the – unfounded and arbitrary – axiom that the Nazi authorities had used a kind of camouflage language even in the most secret documents, the keys of which the Nuremberg Inquisitors naturally claimed to have discovered. Thus the systematic misinterpretation of documents that were innocuous in themselves in the sense of the extermination thesis took place.[22] Quotation end

So is a presumed and unproven camouflage language in past events today again projected and predisposed to those who express themselves differently in the haze field „Jew and Israel (criticism)“, as political correctness dictates, suggests, or would have liked to have imitated instances and language supervisors in this and other countries? In order to incriminate this as hate-speech, but at least to socially outlaw it and brand it?!? in relation to the linguistic handling in the context of opinions on events in a certain region in the Middle East. Instead of a lacking and in fact hardly verifiable aversion in which way, towards whom and whatever, state institutions (like the anti-Semitism commissioner of the government) or so-called NGO’s (research and information centre anti-Semitism) are brought into being as a result, which submit the „gymnastics exercises“ of the candidates for freedom of expression to their ranking as world outlook commissioners. Hate speech is diagnosed, catalogued as a kind of disease, „bred“ by the censors of the Inquisition and interspersed by secret services. Only in order to project a popantz onto the wall through the thinning of the linguistic milieus, a popantz that may not even exist in its alleged or perceived size and dangerousness.

[20] Carlo Mattogno, wikipedia
[21] Bibliographie Carlo Mattogno 1985-2000
[22] Quelle: Carlo Mattogno, La soluzione finale, Edizioni di Ar, Padova 1991, S. 64f. / ebenso erwähnt in: „Schiffbruch, vom Untergang der Holocaust-Orthodoxie“, S. 12 Castle Hill Publishers 2011, 2. Auflage Mai 2018, von Carlo Mattogno

page 9

From this, a smug brew in the circus of German-Jewish hA Manie may ferment from the cellar of history, the fight against which is chosen as the most urgent social task. Where public funds are awarded for social activities and cultural programs of the „never again“, every good man likes to take his listening post against every other human being. Foresighted thought… A juice, which in the sense of suppressed truths and Gleichschaltung and their revelation can lead to addiction and become really dangerously poisonous.

„Fighting anti-Semitism seems to be for some Jews more important than any other expression of Jewishness … The danger appears when one becomes dependent upon them for one’s identity, so that one begins to need anti-Semitism. [23]

Is the so-called „camouflage language of the Nazis“ being mirrored and today further knitted into a disguised language of Israel criticism, which one wants to accuse and poem as anti-Semitically stamped critics in order to bring about their monitoring? Will the „disguise“ be reintroduced or seamlessly continued in order to perpetuate the myth of the camouflage speakers „in the sense of the extermination thesis“ (Mattogno) ?!?

What is not obvious must be subject to a secret language. Or vice versa. It can only be cryptic communication (been) if what is obviously claimed is not to be found. It must be something extraordinary, something special, which eludes definition, even communication, and therefore begins to establish itself in the sphere of faith, i.e. quasi-religious. So let us continue to plough in the fields of the special, the exception, the singular, the unbelievable, the incomprehensible, the withdrawing.

Quote: „In view of the general categories of evading injustice and terror, […] and the emergence of the Federal Republic of Germany understood as a counter-draft to this, Article 5 (1) and (2) of the Basic Law is immanent for provisions which set limits to the propagandistic approval of the National Socialist rule of violence and arbitrariness, an exception to the prohibition of the special right (germ. SONDERRECHT) for opinion-related laws. – Quotation end – [24]

In the definition of supreme court jurisprudence, special treatment means immanent special right germ. SONDERRECHT), which is therefore reminiscent of the word „special treatment“ (germ. meaning of SONDERBEHANDLUNG) from other times. The „special“ here is: „…the injustice and terror escaping general categories„. Quasi by judicial definition: „DRAWING from general categories, critical research is transferred into a quasi-religious area of faith where it seems proverbially unassailable as a premise, as a presupposed fact, and finally mutates into DOGMA. What is meant by „general categories“ and what is meant by the injustice and horror that elude it? It is not named, determined, executed or referred to research on this subject. Are these indescribable, unexplorable or unexplored or so unbelievable that they elude description and research?! According to this formulation, injustice and horror elude general categories. How can injustice and horror elude categories which are generally called as if by themselves? Which injustice, which horror, which general categories?

[23]  Stanislaw Krajewski, Polish Jew, in The Cohen Report
[24] Quelle: Decision of the First Senate of 4 November 2009  -1 BvR 2150/08 -

page 10

The contradiction

How can it be that, on the one hand, events at that time are considered to be the best researched and documented events of the time, but, on the other hand, according to the above case law, what is supposed to have happened „elude general categories„? Either a legal object is open and scientifically verifiable and verified, or it „evades“ this process because of unspecific „general categories“. Couldn’t these processes, which elude general categories, be researched, described and documented in detail in order to get rid of the special status of the elude and thus bring them comprehensibly to the bottom of the facts for all doubters?

A legal definition that evades a definition with the „argument“: „...injustice and horror that elude general categories…“, can hardly serve for the premise of an obviousness.

The following statements by judges may also belong to that category of the indefinite.

Quote: In her reasoning, she (a judge) stated that the Holocaust could not be denied. She drew the somewhat tasteless comparison (for which she apologized) to international fishing: this too could not be denied, even if it was not possible to give precise details of the number of fish caught or the places where they were caught. –[25] Quotation end

This modulation is confirmed by further speeches of judges.

Judge Meinerzhagen quotes: – „… that it is completely irrelevant whether the Holocaust took place or not. His denial is a punishable offence in Germany. And only that counts in court“ –[26] End of quote

The verdict of the so-called Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (LG Frankfurt/Main – 4 Ks 2/63) states:

Quote: „…the court lacked almost all the knowledge available in a normal murder trial in order to get a true picture of the actual events at the time of the murder. The bodies of the victims were missing, autopsy protocols, expert reports on the cause of death and the hour of death, traces of the perpetrators were missing, murder weapons, etc. A review of the testimonies of witnesses was only possible in rare cases.“ (Sheet 595 a-54, p. 434) „…The court was thus almost exclusively dependent on witness statements for the clarification of the crimes committed by the accused. …In addition, there were hardly any witnesses who witnessed the incidents in the Auschwitz concentration camp as neutral observers.“ (Sheet 595 a-52, p. 432) Citation END

The object of legal description of the indescribable

remains largely hidden and occult itself!

Does this open the door to a special kind of arbitrariness?

[25] Blog of a process observer
[26] Tageszeitung TAZ vom 9.2.2007

page 11

How can this be possible in a constitutional state? From now on, the fact that the BDS, an organization critical of Israel, has the stamp of the Bundestag is also considered obvious: BDS = Anti-Semitic. Obviously there decided by the Bundestag, thus by the people?!? Everyone „knows“ ES now. It doesn’t matter that tens of thousands or more people in the most diverse countries with the most diverse views, justifications and insights may be active within the framework of BDS. Neither does it matter that the number of their sympathizers may easily reach millions. All of them are considered to be obviously anti-Semitic or classified as VA. Not a single one of these people should have been asked even approximately about his allegedly anti-Semitic view of the world. These are from now on probably under the general suspicion of agitation, since anti-Semites allegedly „like“ to do so.

The next step to „incitement of the people“ and its criminalization by law was inevitable. Where does this generalizing accusation practice by means of obscurantism, which in individual cases is not proven by anything, lead to? Doesn’t a „normative bias“ arise, as a defence lawyer formulated it in a press release in connection with a trial against a „denier“?

People who lament exactly this and denounce the danger of such an action worldwide are persecuted and locked away. After sentencing, they will be told the following, for example: [27]

– Anyone can believe what they want. This is covered by freedom of opinion as long as one does not make oneself punishable. [28]

If „believe“, an initially intimate act of the inner and not externalized, is to be covered by freedom of expression, then freedom of expression, which is inherent in the act of expression, must be defined differently. What the judge did not explain is his view of his own logic, which makes freedom of expression, the expression of a (certain) opinion under threat of punishment. Faith is not freedom of opinion. Freedom of expression can include „belief“. Freedom of expression as such only makes sense if it acts as an act of exteriority. Otherwise this freedom of belief would be called. So the judge should have said: Everyone could believe what he wanted, this was covered by freedom of belief. Decisive for a democracy: The fundamental right to freedom of opinion belongs to the most important goods of a free and democratic state, and

„…grant a subjective public right to co-determine public opinion through intellectual action and to participate in the „shaping of the people into the state…“.[29]

This does not, however, go through silence persisting in faith, but only through public expression. Without freedom of opinion, which is an act of expression, it is not possible to participate in democracy. Otherwise there will be no co-effect. To keep opinion for oneself remains ineffective. All cultural achievement is based in one way or another on acts of expression. Moreover, the judge’s remark approaches a religious sphere. For why does the word „believe“ play a role in the context of the best scientific research at all?

[27] as in the trial against Alfred Schaefer Autumn 2018/Munich
[28] Comment of the Judge, own written and memory record of the public trial, A. Schaefer, Munich 2018
[29] BVerfGE 7,198 ff. Abs. 15

page 12

How should, as explained in the above judgement, from unclear, dark, evasive, not disclosed (or false historiography) a counter-project arise, which would not be itself again product of something occult and hidden! From this results, since not otherwise explained, inevitably the proximity to the camouflaged, the secret, the camouflaged, the disguised….Veiling language literally creates the reproach of the concealed, the alleged, the presumed, and the mean, because it is itself it that uses this language and acts accordingly with it, setting it as axiom.

Lawyer Sylvia Stolz has been sentenced to 1 1/2 years in prison and is in custody for something she did not say. The verdict is based on presumption. [30] The latest variant of this „game“ (see also the BVG ruling on Ursula Haverbeck) is the insinuation: „…the accused would know exactly what it was all about. Where, however, the defendant just with source underpinning (which are not taken note of by the court) stated that this was not the case and instead asked questions and since no answer was given the conclusion from mature study also pronounced. Sentencing and imprisonment took place nevertheless.

The „obvious“, which eludes discussion by definition, is set as immanent in the essence of the individual. A process of induced madness? Suggestive projective jurisprudence based on the same kind of historiography?

Here, however, the tail waggles with the MOPS…..

Der Mimikry Of Premise Suggestivness Of Systems. MOPSOS, shortly called MOPS:

So with the help of a Pavlovian reflex which in its adaptability and self transformation art (Mimicry) creates preconditions Or pretended facts and contents (Premises) then suggests them (e.g. by means of historiography, cultural and social criticism) and assumes them (Suggestiveness) Or suggests them in order to earn one’s bread within a (power) system and part of the same (of System) and thereby keep the treated in check.

Judgments with justifications of the above kind are the exact mirror image of an „ideal“ anti-Semite and an equivalent of his world view. The one who rightly or wrongly hides behind the powers, secretly and not obviously acting Jews and accepts Zionist powers. The consequence of this parcours of the non-public: One „sees“ hunts where there are none. „See“ modern skyscrapers collapse that were not hit by bombs or a plane. „Sees“ claimed victims of a terrorist attack who cannot be seen on the first film.

Humans thus become clones of the 7th word of a newly defined „Word of God“. The „primeval event of manifestation“, on which the work of the priests rests, so that the prayer of the peoples secures the yield of faith. In this kind of perceptual practice those are largely identical and yet somehow different. Clones of the same unity – religion. In this way the diversity shows itself in a dawning time of disguising truths in favour of a worldwide export of a new confessional tradition. By using „their“ religion as a brutal control element, some power promises nothing good to the unbeliever. Following the linguistic product of the scientist Prof. Jensen, words turn out to be a key matrix to self-monitoring by means of certain behavioral codes of the cryptic. Control module: Fear!

[30] Basic Law complaint on Swiss lecture

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The fact that Jews among themselves had no problem describing each other as anti-Semitic was due to the cobbled together general „business model of talk,“ which incidentally was not only used by Jews.

„…We, as Jewish people, have used anti-semitism to support our own ethnocentrism and maintain group cohesion….“ (Aaron Cohen) [31]

People who point to such connections are persecuted, punished and imprisoned as heretics, heretics and „other believers“ by legal institutions and state bodies. Faith still seems so „secured“ that many agree with the punishment of doubters. But as in earlier times, doubters and those who have lost faith will increasingly speak up and go on a search, precisely because the forbidden and the fate of the persecuted force them to question themselves. A natural process.

Until then, Macht defines the renegades as those conspiracy theorists who must be discredited and treated accordingly in various escalation stages of political and social debate.

It is nature, above all the nature of the mind, which will sweep over all these phenomena made by man. Could it then be that this shadowy belief of the BRD cave dwellers and his mirror design of the „masked“, one day come to light?

Over the years, the state’s historical observers have realised that the artificially created and well-maintained German guilt complex functions „right down to the genes“. There above all the defense reaction against what is called „right“. The naming of the word is enough and „Everyone stands firm“. It doesn’t seem to be about framing or stamping, but only about a growing awareness that people in Germany may see themselves as a collective held under a kind of historical glass bell, which does not allow them to think for themselves, let alone to do research, to ask questions and also to give answers that are different from state historiography, which in constant repetition suggests this in terms of popular education. Otherwise, statements would be punished. However, more and more people notice that the accusation of being anti-Semitic or suspected of being a VA has become a cybernetic tool for exercising power. So power rides even more intensively and again and again on the premise „right“, which seems to be more or less powerfully inoculated as psychosocial meme for all of us. Since in certain areas „ES“ is now less frontal and open in expressing hostility towards the Jews, it would now come in the pseudoscientific guise of so-called (otherwise peaceful) revisionism, which is also regarded as a candidate of the „disguised“. For these are regarded precisely as „the“ dangerous anti-Semites per se. The history-questioners and „other-answer-givers“. Not necessarily those who criticize Israel for its harsh policy towards the Palestinians. But increasingly these too. As „disguised“.

A legal certainty of secret language, presumed and other meanings, as well as that of the 7th word of exhaustion in the RBB contribution does not officially exist so far. The determination of what these should be and how they functioned would, however, be a compelling prerequisite in the constitutional state to justify the punishment of the renegade in case of their denial. Nulla poena sine lege. No punishment without law!

[31] The Cohen Report

page 14

With the monosyllabic reason „obviousness“, the denial object remains occult, however, and permanently eludes any discussion. The fact that a modern state is founded and built on by means of such an obscure definition, on which it almost invokes itself in its identitary self-foundation, is not comprehensible by reason.

The Enigma code has been cracked for a long time. Did the Germans know that the British knew that there was nothing secret (concerning certain camps) to know?!? Possibly for this reason the strikingly open language of those documents from which little but revealing was quoted. Shouldn’t it be easy with today’s scientific and forensic means to lighten the „disguise“ claimed by historians in there and the following VA who are supposed to appear in the context of Israel criticism? Until now, very much remains in the semi-darkness and in a projective thinking in the haze of language of a „talk, after-talk and decay of his“ (Heidegger). That rumor mill and chain letter dynamics whose journalistically prepared vicious circle seems almost impossible to escape. That Circulus vitiosus whose users finally impregnate as mem-agents a socio-cultural and journalistic sphere, which then forms a model for the legal system, from where the message is then further „inherited“. But the MOPS immediately notices when it is sent into the public domain for its master’s manipulative purpose ropes. In the G-chambers, the memory chambers of history are those bones which one promised him not to find.

Instead, many Arab desert sons wish to spend their enemies in something that comes very close to a Fata Morgana. But those who only talk about it for a long time experience the Fata Morgana as real. Because that’s what it is. The reality of the mirage, the fictional film, with the fictional story. The MOPS growls as a natural reaction against misinformation. Otherwise, however, he is a cozy and peaceful guy who helps you with all sorts of riddles and search services.

The shadow that is implemented on the public perception wall, however, is the chimera that is ambushed as an attitude hunter. A truly ungrateful vocation, similar to that of agent provocateurs, who put some fuse on the candy of the presumably „disguised blabberer“. The warning sign in the meme „antisemi…“, if it is only called „antisemi…“ often enough, from then on propagates itself as if by itself into the brains of those who participate in this unspeakable spectacle as recipients in some form. Mantric repetition by radio – Lodges finally leads to an introjection of what is heard, which in no way has been experienced or can be checked. It is fixed and works through the thus manifested human being like a perpetuum mobile, whose drive he himself is… In the RBB contribution, Prof. Moshe Zuckermann says that the Germans „twitch“ when they are apostrophized with the A. Word because of criticism of Israel. His book title also predicts the „ubiquitous anti-Semite“. An unloved permanent guest who is cheered on by the Germans of today, who invites his counterpart the „eternal Jew“ to jerk together happily at the Institute for Delusional Science. He is still shuffling through the corridors of the German hospital as a diabolos and fact twister, explaining mysterious diseases of all times.  Zuckermann’s thesis of the exaggeration of the omnipresent, which is even provoked by the State of Israel itself, confirms, so to speak, its (the anti-Semite’s) apparently normal presence and leaves the heightened form to the VA, a lowered vibration of the infrasound. Similar to communication among elephants, this can only be produced by intestinal peristalsis. Whereby we are again with what we hear inaudibly, what is tricky, concealed and mean. The eternal Jewish anti-Semite is just as much a product of hot air as his Germanic pedant.

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In fact, the alleged or actual hA corresponds to one side, the actual or allegedly concealed „Semit“ corresponds to the other side. Somehow the two seem to belong together. They may be like macrophages competing for better phagocytosis values from the same strain. To man.

A kind of team – play between originality and mimicry. The twitching is in any case that first-degree emotion which, diagnosed as emerging consciousness, is to be transferred to the ambulance of the „Ressentiment Psycho – Logen“.

„Anti-Semitism as a psychological phenomen will allways be with us so long as Jews and non Jews are thrown together. But where is the harm? It may be thanks to anti-Semitism that we are able to preserve our existence as a race; that at any rate is my beliefe.“ [32]

It seems to be about that jerking together. To the not more closely defined but in the publicly arranged perception nevertheless by means of terms regularly in homeopathic and increased doses scattered, of the always same Mem-Kreies. For the purpose of parrying a collective soul. The disease: Premise Holocaust . The PH value is always dangerously acidic.

In the RBB contribution it can be assumed that it is not about VA at all, but rather about the constant media circling of the term, in the sense as Prof. Zuckermann explains:

„And when Israelis then say, „You are anti-Semites, then of course the Germans flinch“. (that would mean about 40 twitches concerning this mission)

The man who writes the RBB contribution in his book:

„…that the debate about Jewish hatred is artificially inflated – by Israel itself.“

So you could mean an anti-Semitic statement by a Jew? Victim-perpetrator repentance?!? In a hurry, he forgot to mention that a certain species of Germans likes to second the state in the Middle East. Even the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung writes:

„A uniform, generally binding definition of anti-Semitism does not exist“.

Thus this term is ideal in its arbitrariness.

This is followed by an interpretation as an „anti-modern worldview“ with a number of more complex descriptions. Then finally the stealth exploration:

„Since these „machinations“ of the Jews are, in the opinion of the anti-Semite, concealed, the gesture of unmasking belongs to the core of anti-Semitic communication, which often takes the form of codes, ciphers, allusions, (a well-known definition of anti-Semitism calls it the „rumor about the Jews“) so as not to collide with the alleged Jewish power, especially since the anti-Semites always believe themselves to be on the defensive and understand their anti-Semitism as a justified defensive struggle..

It is as if in the cave of Plato the goddess Fama herself whispers a constant whisper and hisses into the darkness. Who is now right in the application of his own mimicry: The light without which there would be no shadow, or the shadow that could not live without light. Or did someone else say: Without shadow there would be no light?

[32] A. Einstein 1920/ in:  Einstein „B“ to „Z“ / John Stachel, Verlag Birkäuser, Boston, Basel, Berlin

page 16

The fact that one „again stands the wall“ in such an exposed position at some point rhymes with „the mind again“. Also called paranoia.

One did not need „the hatred of Jews“ at all, since it is „technically“ impossible to want to hate „all Jews“. One still needed a disguised version of it.

As already said above: In this scripture it is not against human beings! This is about political and media methodology.

It was enough, for example, to be a 1/8 anti-Semite who wished nothing good to certain Israeli politicians and their state-supporting class and worldwide supporters because of the bad treatment of the Palestinians. Only….Then we would have a problem. The analogue to the 1/8 Jew of the NS time. So today it must be either a classic anti-Semite or a (VA), including further differentiation diagnoses to emotionalize the public. A product that has been talked about as a business model must be kept running. One hundred percent. One eighth is not possible. A further variant of the outdated megaphone chatter of the demo, which blows into his sheep’s ear what they are allowed to chant, would be the development of a manual of permitted Israel criticism and corresponding „Act-app“. A VA set prepared for kindergartens would also be pedagogically prolonging for later times, subcutaneously implemented.

„Resist the beginnings“ is the motto of the lesson, which is drumming out to the exhaustion of the topic and „Habt-Acht-Position“ right at the beginning. Bar of a real appreciation of the dead and their tragic fate. Tragedies and deaths caused by persecution, deportation and war-related internment, of a magnitude that is difficult to define, for which a state policy of power and ideology is responsible.

Instead, a chaplain overrides the pompous sentence of that absolutist religious diction which, by means of occult evidence, chose a monstrous narrative as the tool of its power. Tragically, today’s Israel owes its existence to this. That narrative, however, which probably made the founding of the small country possible only in the first place by UN decision, is still controversial in many not only Arab countries today, as is the state of Israel itself. This is the real problem of real anti-Semitism.

Namely the factorylike destruction of almost half a people, scattered in mundo, by another, transported into a kind of myth. This diction is not believed there and could one day become a boomerang in the history of salvation ? Precisely because of the monstrosity of the factuality of the narrative itself.

What is striking here is that a kind of label has prevailed that derives from the Greek. In the Jewish and Israeli world one usually speaks of Shoa (disaster, misfortune, destruction) [33]. The museum in Israel is not called the Holocaust Museum, but simply so:

[33] the meaning of the word Shoa s.a.

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Yad Vashem, which can be interpreted as a biblical reference, such as „monument and name“. [34] However, the term „holocaust“ (here written with „k“ like kappa) refers to the burnt offering of a perfect object or living being as a ritual sacrificial act. This theologically raises the question as to why this term – which has become popular in a series of feature films from the USA – was chosen. In any case, this designation obviously has a religious character. Disguised language? And if so, what is in this term?

Finally, according to the diction of Prof. Zuckermann, it could be assumed in reverse that since its foundation in 1948 Israel has profited from the hostility towards Jews in the diaspora and that there must therefore be anti-Semitism, since otherwise Israel, which presents itself as a safe state for the Jews of this world, would run out of inhabitants.

For the general relaxation of the situation, Yoav Shamir’s film „Defamation – Tracing a Smear“ [35] is recommended. Maybe the disguised state and the paranoia of the manic seeker relax and dissolve into a resounding laughter of German-Jewish humour. „Anti-Semitism“ is no longer suitable as a contemporary cybernetic instrument to pursue a power politics that divides society and whose projection can only evoke the dangerousness that it itself propagates. Out of systemic fear of losing the sovereignty of interpretation. Obviously brutal and unjust state politics, however, will have just as little success in the long run as the mantric repetition of great narratives that are elevated to the religious. Either the system that prompts them erodes morally or violent developments lead to even worse things, from which all may be saved in the name of all good spirits. Even the RBB.

[34] Word Meaning-Origin Yad Vashem
[35] Defamation - Spurensuche einer Verleumdung

Hubert Bergmann, autumn 2019