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a la carte Aktuell auf mudoks records

„Man möchte beinahe glauben, dass es in der Kunst auf eine Art Energie ankommt, auf etwas mehr oder weniger elektrisches, radioaktives, eine Kraft, die leitet, ineinanderfügt, zusammenschliesst. Eine Kraft die dem Wasserstrahl gleicht, wenn er durch sehr hellen Sand aufschiesst und ihn in rasche Bewegung setzt. Man kann sich nach Belieben ein Bild [image] davon zurechtlegen.“ EZRA POUND: – motz el son – 

„With realy great pleasure hear the Camouflage Records. From the refined lyrical beginning to the harshness of the bass player, which evokes Kowald. In this record, with a sensitive summation, stylistically, everything about our fraudulent world today is included, but most of all, what is missing from the world human emotions, wits and softnesses.In Herzuhinkuft hear the small „echos“ from the Conference of the Birds bass solo… of course in Tissue fin found the Monk piano world, etc.It’s no wonder, since this piece also carries the self-forgetfulness and joy of children’s play it’s no coincidence that both of you play in homophone line in second half of the piece, and the cut-off – unfinished end. Bagdhatbat is such an elevated unity of East and West that, unfortunately, is currently only possible in music. The last number, hommage to Conferense are worthy member on important quartet music. Very rarely do I hear I hear his contemporary music, which is so emotionally rich and affects me emotionally.“

Zoltan Bicskei
Regisseur of Láttam (I saw) – short feature film by Zoltán Bicskei – Music by Gergely Ittzés and György Szabados)